Kidsquest – our Sunday morning children’s ministry

All children ages newborn to 6th grade can attend Kidsquest at both services

Led by Shelby Wlodarczyk.  For more information, email Shelby today!
One of the key focuses at The River is to invest in our children’s lives. This year, we heard over and over again from families who said they came back to The River because their kids couldn’t wait to return.
At both services in New Kensington, we offer a full children’s program for ages two through 6th grade. The kids join us in a bright and interactive space where Bible stories and truths are creatively presented to engage the children. Our hope is that children will discover that Jesus is real and someone who makes a difference in their lives today. Last year, we completed our first full year of the DIG IN curriculum, “The Life of Jesus,” exploring Jesus’ footsteps through His birth, resurrection, and ascension. In 2018, we will be “Digging Into the Bible in One Year” taking the kids on a whirlwind journey from Genesis through Revelation. Kids will experience a relationship with God through the eyes of ordinary Bible people. We hope that the kids will discover that they’re a lot like people God has always loved and worked through.
Our preteen class of 5th & 6th graders continues their journey grappling with questions inspired by kids their age and then exploring the Bible for answers. This year with “GRAPPLE” the kids will be searching for answers to questions like: Why is it so hard for countries to get along? What if I pray really hard and God says No? What if I mess up?
“I volunteer in kids ministry because I believe that this one thing will make an eternal difference in the lives of our children. Endless laughs, getting to know the kids, and seeing the kids make Jesus connections make all of the time worthwhile. The memories that I embrace the most are the little moments; like when a kid volunteers to pray for the first time, gets wrapped up in a worship song while playing, asks to take a Bible home, or brings a concern to God through prayer. An added bonus is watching our volunteer staff grow their own faith and build relationships with the kids. I will be forever grateful for those volunteers leading well and impacting the lives of our kids,” Shelby Wlodarczyk, volunteer children’s director, said.
This year, KidsQuest was blessed with a number of new teachers and volunteers. Lisa Robbins knew that she wanted to serve at the church and quickly found her place within KidsQuest. She said she has experienced God in new ways because of it. “We are there for the kids, but God has used it as a way to get closer to me,” Lisa said. She loves seeing how God works through the kids each week. The best thing she has to say about KidsQuest? “Ms. Shelby is a rockstar!”
This spring, we held our annual community egg hunt the day before Easter. Always a whirlwind event, the egg hunt is full of laughter, joy and smiling faces…and quickly disappearing Easter eggs. 300 children plus their families joined us on our lawn Easter weekend and over 50 50 youth & adults served at the event. Our church family abundantly blessed us by filling over 5,000 eggs to distribute to all of the kids. The highlight of the day was definitely when a young boy dropped all of his eggs and was left with an empty basket. Pastor Mark, who emcees the even every year, asked all of the kids on the lawn to share one egg with the boy. Within seconds, his basket was brimming with shared eggs.
If you feel God is calling you to be a part of our children’s lives through KidsQuest, you would be welcomed with open arms. “I am so grateful for those who have chosen to serve alongside the children and honored that God uses us,” Shelby said.