Mothers of Preschoolers- because momming is hard!

MOPS meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month from 9:30-11:30am

Led by Morgan Oberlin.  To join MOPS or for more information, email Morgan today!
MOPS has had an INCREDIBLE year of growth, reaching our biggest membership numbers and attendance in recent years! Through the very successful outreach efforts of our steering team (now 5 dedicated mamas strong) , we now have 24 registered women! And due to this rapid growth, our childcare demands have greatly increased, therefore we now offer 2 childcare rooms for our MOPS Kids. Our children are part of a MOPS Kids curriculum that offers the loving word of God. This organized approach to provide guided material includes crafts and video material, which is new for us this year! Visit us on a MOPS Thursday and you will be surrounded with an abundance of our littles’ chatter & laughter! Continued prayers for the nurturing & reliable care that our children receive as a part of this ministry is appreciated.
This year we are focused on the theme, “Free Indeed”. Our ministry is aimed to provide a safe environment for mothers to find fellowship and support during this critical time in a women’s life. Our charge & hope this year is that every mom may experience a new understanding of what it means to live Free. Free from worry, feeling stuck….That is why this year, we offer dynamic small group discussions, speakers & exercises that bring more laughter and less worry, more contentment and less hustle. Freedom that is contagious to our mamas that their hearts may be free to feel the love that Christ offers in their lives. Our charge is to share & reach our mothers with the good news that Jesus is the Messiah who brings freedom and restoration. Our sub themes focused on delivering this message this year are:
o To let Love be the Loudest Voice
o To be Gutsy
o And to Go First.
Service is a tenant of MOPS. This year we participated in Operation Christmas Child, filling shoe boxes with toys for children around the world so that they may experience the love of Jesus. This service project is very impactful for our group, as it allows mothers and children to participate together. A great success! At the end of last year, our spring service project took us to the Knead Café, where we collected donations for their grand opening! Our donations were geared towards providing guests with child-centric amenities such as: bibs, crayons, diapers, wipes, kid-friendly utensils and plates. We had a donation luncheon to celebrate our support of this ministry at the café!
We are incredibly blessed to have the River Church support MOPS. A warm gathering place with an incredible support staff allows for us to embark on an amazing journey with the mothers that have entered our group. We are incredibly grateful. God is working in miraculous ways with our ministry! We are excited to experience what He has in store for us next in reaching more mothers in our community!